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Night after Night

I sit in front of my window night after night
Wondering what you are doing.
Wondering if your tears fall
as much as mine tonight.

I picture you sleeping just like the night before.
Watching you breathe so calmly,
dreaming of something.

You look so peaceful in your perfect world.
I do not want to wake you, you look so happy.
But you cannot see my pain or hear my cry.

I want to be in that perfect world.
But I can not seem to fall asleep.
I can not seem to dream the same thing.

And so I sit in front of my window night after night
Remembering how it was to hold you.
Hearing the words I cherish the most.
Ones of which I cannot hear enough.

I scream into the night to see if it will respond.
But it never has anything to say.
I scream louder just for one little noise.
But it still will not respond.

And so I sit in front of my window night after night
Wishing that you were here, beside me.

I close my eyes and feel your breathe on my face.
The chills run down my spine as
I sense your sweet smell.

You are saying something but I can not hear it clear.
It sounds like, "I love you."
I open my eyes and turn around
Expecting to see you behind me. But no one is there.

And so I sit in front of my window
feeling the wind on my face
And listening to the sound of my heart beating,
"I love you..."
"I love you..."
"I love you..."

Tracee Marco Ales

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