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I Wish

"I WISH" is a delirious place
I find it often
When my thoughts search,
For your soft smile,
On your Precious face.

"I WISH" cleanses my mind awash,
less bleary
When my day grows tiring
My mind so weary.

"I WISH" two words elegant in simplicity,
so simple in form and brevity
allowing me to feel the electricity.

"I WISH" They free my mind to wander
to possibilities of desires,
of passions that I ponder

"I WISH" the words, the thoughts they tantalize
the images they effortlessly conjure
my heart, my very soul they mesmerize.

"I WISH" For just a moment, they could come true
they would take me swiftly, completely
that I might, somehow, someway
just hold you.


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