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Seeing is Believing - Or is it?

How many times have you heard ? I?ll believe it when I see it? How many of us have that message subliminally and deeply ingrained inside of us? And if we do believe that saying, how does this message keep us from living richer, fuller lives?

During recent employee evaluations conducted with my new manager Thomas and each staff member, we collectively looked for each person?s strengths and interests with a desire to create individually rewarding work while building a cohesive team. This, despite the fact that we were experiencing challenging daily mishaps at the caf? -a result of many new hires who had not yet created their own ebb and flow with either the caf? or each other. Thomas and I worked on the premise that if we could tap into everyone?s individual strengths and desire, we would create a strong work environment that benefited all. A tall order if we looked at what was actually happening. Thomas commented that some of the things we were discussing reminded him of a Disney movie titled The Balloon Farm. Intrigued, I had to rent it.

The Balloon Farm takes place in a small farming town that is experiencing a draught, and it clearly paints a picture of the scenarios and issues that present itself during this seemingly uncontrollable act of God. Townspeople support each other?s misery and fail, dare I say refuse, to SEE the message of hope when it arrives. The messenger of hope, sent in the disguise of the new farmer, maintains a sense of love, humor and goodwill despite that all everyone else sees is adversity. As the townspeople complain of a draught, and SEE no available water for crops - hot baths, car washes and plenty of coffee prevail.

Meanwhile, our new farmer makes the sweetest lemonade with one lemon, the best pecan pie with one pecan, and grows crops of balloons (yes, balloons) overnight with just one special seed. He believes you?ve got to use what you have. Everything starts with a seed, he says. A tree, grass, flowers, cows, me ? you. We all started out as a seed. So use
what you?ve got, and BELIEVE.

A new paradigm is suggested: It?s not what you see, it?s what you believe. Think about that for a minute. If what you see is draught, and you believe in prosperity ? which is more real? Like creates like. Plant negativity and this is what you will reap.

If you see, or visualize your intention, despite what is outwardly apparent, then you have the ability to co-create your existence. What seeds of possibility would you sow if you believed before you saw evidence of? Plant your thoughts wisely, and plant seeds of positive intention. Then BELIEVE. No matter what you SEE today. As The Land of I Can teaches, ?First see it, then believe it, and know that it can be. The power is in the knowing.?


Today I will be aware of my thought patterns.

Susan Gilbert

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