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"Life shrinks or expands according to one's courage."
- Ana?s N?n (1903-77)

"How will you ever know if you can paint that picture, run that business, sell that vacuum cleaner, earn that degree, hold that office, make that speech, win that game, marry that girl, write that book, bake that souffle, build that house-- unless you try it!"
- Richard M. DeVos

Print this out for yourself

The TV or $5,000...Your Choice!

Stop and think for a moment.

Are you really going for it in your life?

Are you making something of your life instead of wishing for something? Maybe.or maybe not.

I bet you've always had that little thought in the back of your mind as you wake up on a cold, wet, Monday morning - "I could make so much more out of my life"

So why don't you then?

(Close your ears if you are easily offended) You don't because you're LAZY. There you go - I've said it.

What are you going to do about it?

I bet that deep down you're probably agreeing with me in a way, aren't you?

No? OK - let me define what my version of lazy is and see if you agree with me.

- Lazy is when you just do enough to get by at work.
- Lazy is putting another video on for your three year old
to watch so you don't have to play with her.
- Lazy is just 'going through the motions'
- Lazy is not having the faintest idea of what you want out
of your life.

Agree with me now?

The time has come to do a little bit of mental 'spring cleaning'. I could go on and on for pages telling you what you should do - but I'm certain that you won't do anything about it. Why?

Because you're lazy.

I'm lazy too, but I'm learning to change.

I'm learning that quality is important.
I'm learning that a minute's worth of focused effort is worth more than an hour of just stumbling around.
I'm learning that life is too short to mess around with the important things.

So what can you do? After all, being lazy is, well easy isn't it?

There is one thing that you can do.and, although it takes a little effort, it is well worth it.

Prioritize. That's it.

Work out what is important in your life - and make sure that everything that you do contributes towards it. Simple. Well, the concept is simple - putting it into practice is a little harder.

Is watching TV more important to you than having a $5,000 pay rise this year?

(If the answer is yes - then I'll give up right now!)

Of course it's not more important. Yet the average person probably watches about three hours of TV every night (but don't quote me on that!).

How much time a YEAR do you devote to making more of yourself?

What do you think would happen if you decided to devote just one of those hours to working on how you can make more of your life?

Think of what you could achieve in those extra 15 DAYS of focusing on YOU every year!

Even if you only had half and hour spare every week - that's still an entire day a year you could spend on improving your life every year.

Or perhaps you're too lazy to allow yourself a measly four and a half minutes every day to make that happen?

Well, are you?

Educate yourself about YOU. Read all you can read about how you can improve yourself - then actually DO it. Set aside just a small part of your 'free-time' to working out what you want - find out how to get there - then just GO FOR IT!

The only thing you would have wasted would have been that TV program you only watched because it was on.

Don't be lazy. Make something out of your life - after all... it's the only one you've got.

Gary Vurnum

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